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We’re all friends here, you can call me ‘Lo’. From a very early age, I’ve had an intense craving for adventure, a lust for creating and deep love for the life that surrounds me. My heart has always been into designing, creating; so here I am creating and sharing just about everything.

I spend most of my time with my family — a young artist in the making, Lyla and an adventure/thrill-seeking husband, Alan. Oh ya, we will be adding another to the mix this year! We spend most of our time at our home currently in Washington, outdoors, traveling, searching for sunshine...and good food.


Lauren created Oh Hello Precious as an online journal dedicated to documenting her journey through motherhood as a young mother and wife. Lauren was married at the age of 18 and became a mother at 19. Through her honest unique take on life, desire to make a positive impact, and her ability to easily relate to others Lauren was quickly able to grow a following. Today, Oh Hello Precious remains a creative space to find inspiration, family, travel, recipes + much more.  

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