Hi there! I'm Lauren Hernandez, but you can call me Lo. I'm currently back to living in Southern California (subject to change) with my little family. 

My story is somewhat unique, as I was married to my husband at the age of eighteen and quickly moved 3,000 miles away from California to Florida to begin a new chapter as a wife who just happened to be married to someone in the military. Shortly after marriage we found out we were pregnant. Originally, I started this blog as a way to document my journey as a new mom in a new place, but since that time this blog has grown to be my little corner in the world where I come to openly write about my life happenings, things I love, places I go, all the feels and other random thoughts. I hope you enjoy ! 

It's important to me to uphold the authenticity of this blog, while some products on this blog are gifted (will be noted with c/o), posts may be sponsored, small commissions may be made via affiliate links, all opinions are my own and products are only endorsed if products are truly things we love, would buy, that fit our lifestyle and are a good match for Oh Hello Precious. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make this blog possible. Images and content are copyrighted by Oh Hello Precious, please do not use our images without written consent. 

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