Mother's Day 2017

How lucky am to have such caring people in my life? A few days have passed and I am still feeling so loved and appreciated. I am so happy that I was finally able to spend a Mother's Day as a mother with my Mom. And how cute is that basket Alan put together? Everything is from Target, which couldn't have been more perfect, being that I love Target and often spend hours of my day there. This was a Mother's Day for the books, for sure. I hope all of you beautiful Mama's felt loved and appreciated, and if by chance you didn't --just know there are so many people who admire your strength as a Mother. I love scrolling through Instagram and seeing all the special moments you share with your littles, you are all an inspiration, and that's something I want you to know everyday, not just on Mother's Day. 

I love that I get to spend time with my daughter, I love seeing her grow more each day I am so thankful that I have that opportunity to spend every day with her. I had Lyla when I was 19 years old, but it never felt like I was a teenager having a kid, I guess I always knew that motherhood was something I would enjoy. Don't get me wrong, motherhood is challenging, and there are definitely times I feel like a complete failure, but that's also the beauty of Motherhood; you are just as much of a learner as your children. Lyla has taught me a lot about myself, being her mom has forced me to acknowledge the parts of myself that I don't necessarily like, and in doing that I have become someone I like more and more each day--that is the greatest gift I could ever receive.

Mother's Day Painted Pots

Happy Friday folks! What are your plans this weekend? We have a full weekend ahead of us. Midweek, we traveled north to go surprise my mom for Mother's Day. I haven't spent Mother's day with my mom since I became a mom, so this Mother's Day is extra special. I'll also be surprising my Nonna, who currently thinks we were unable to visit, because we are tied-up with moving--which is partially true, we are very busy. So far, it's been a great visit. I am feeling less stressed and more comfortable than I've felt since the year started. We're basically on our own mountain top over here,  no one can bug us *sigh of relief.

Before we left, I set up for Lyla's big Mother's Day project. I've been wanting to do a big art project with Lyla and Mother's Day seemed like the best opportunity to do just that. We have a handful of amazing women in our lives and we wanted to make sure we were able to gift them all this year, especially since we might be moving out of state soon. I figured since Lyla has been totally into painting and gardening then why not do both? We set out to our local gardening center to pick out flowers and succulents and then headed to our local Michael's for the needed supplies. 

Motherhood has been a beautiful journey thus far, but I think I am finally at my favorite stage. Lyla has developed enough that she can be involved in most if not all of the things we do now. Before she used to get really upset if she was physically unable to do things, but now she is able to participate every step of the way. Now instead of trying a thousand different ways to tend to her needs before finally realizing she wants something completely different , she just tells us -- it was fun while it lasted. Don't get me wrong, I am so sad she is growing up, but I am also having loads of fun with this energetic, creative, and outgoing little girl. We were not afraid to get messy with this project (peep the baggy pants and t-shirts), the messier the better, really. I think it was shortly after this photo was taken, Lyla had splattered paint across my face. Initially, this project was so we could gift others, but we ended up gifting ourselves with laughter (haha I am so cheesy). We truly are a dynamic duo, so watch out World! 

Obviously, I am not going to reveal the finished pots in this post (you'll have to wait 'til Sunday) but if you're looking for a fun, meaningful way to gift the Mommies in your life, this turned out super cute! A craft level of 3+ and it only took a few hours. 


Fiesta In San Diego

 Hola Amigos! I hope you all took the time to embrace some culture this weekend, whatever it is you did this weekend to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, I hope you had a great time doing it -- even if it includes the Americanized version of tacos (ya know, hamburger meat in a hardshell) least you tried. I say that with all seriousness, at least you tried. Lately, there has been increased tension when it comes to acknowledging all of the different cultures in America, so if you put in effort this Friday to celebrate a different culture ( or took the time to embrace your own culture) give yourself a pat on the back. 

This Cinco De Mayo we headed out to Old Town San Diego to participate in the all the festivities. This is the first time we've been out as a family since Alan started walking again (he is using a cane) and it was nothing short of perfect. It feels like it's been forever since we've done something like this, way too long if you ask me. Obviously we didn't venture far, but we still managed to embrace our culture and have a good time. It felt like every five feet we were stopped for people wanting to pet Arlo, which was mostly okay since we're trying to socialize her as much as possible. She just so happens to love all of the humans, especially children, which is all I ever wanted. 

((peep those gorgeous succulents)) After May comes June, which means I only have 50 days left of this free-spirited beauty being three years old. I have no idea where time has went, but I wish I could get it back. We've always done learning around the house, but recently we made our way over to Barnes & Noble and picked up a preschool workbook (3-5yrs) for her to start working with. We're moving through the booklet at a rapid pace (she's so smart), more so than I anticipated and it's making me have pre-anxiety about sending her off to kindergarten, I only have year left. *insert ugly crying face 
I don't like tacos...said no Juan ever. 

Brunch in Coronado

Happy Monday! We had such beautiful weather this weekend and it would've been a shame not to take advantage of it, especially since Alan is finally off of bed rest. Yep, it's true. He is now limping around with a cane. Our life has been so consumed with doctors appointments and battling obstacles, that we haven't had much time for romance. Luckily for us, my mother-in-law offered to take Lyla on a trip to Lego Land so, we finally had a day to ourselves to do whatever we wanted to. With Alan still recovering we decided to stay local and opted for a quick ride into Coronado for a bite to eat.

One of my favorite places to dine at in Coronado is Leroy's Kitchen + Lounge. They provide provide a seasonal menu, ensuring that the freshest ingredients make up your meal. I am a big fan of their kale salad, but this time I went with an Ahi Poke Salad and it was... ah-maze-ing. Alan decided on the Salmon Toast, (sorry, no pic.) which was equally delicious. We shared a bowl of Truffled Fries that came with a side of pomegranate ketchup and herb aioli sauce (my favorite). For his drink, Alan had an old fashion which he described had "the perfect amount of everything; zest, bitter, and sweet". My favorite drink (like ever) is their house made red sangria, I literally crave it. If sangria is your thing, their's is a must-try. Everything was tasty and satisfying -- zero complaints. Leroy's Kitchen + Lounge also offers pet friendly dining on their patio, which was perfect for us since Arlo is still a tad too young to be left alone. The staff was loving towards her ( I mean , who wouldn't be) and provided her with a bowl of fresh water. This restaurant was perfect for our first date (post accident).

If you're ever in the Coronado area, I highly recommend you take a chance on this place you wont be disappointed, especially if you're a lover of fresh local ingredients, eclectic cuisine, and enjoy a drink or two (maybe a pitcher, no one is judging). After brunch we headed for a little walk along Coronado beach, it couldn't have been a more perfect day.

I hope you all have a lovely and productive week!