Twenty Three

Last Monday I turned Twenty Three, eep! Though I wasn't able to celebrate the way I had anticipated, it was definitely one for the books. Given the status of Alan's health, our family hasn't been able to do much of anything, other than bless the military with our entire family's presence and ride back-and-forth to doctor's appointments--super fun! Ugh, and I feel so horrible dragging Lyla around, she really is such a trooper and a lot more patient than I was as a toddler. There has only been a few times where I've had to take her aside and let her regroup--that's how we handle tantrums in this family. Really, it's the adults in this situation that have been the biggest pain in the ass. 

I did manage to make some time to go get a mani-pedi done, with Lyla of course, because Daddy had to go attend to more military needs, I'm just thankful my assistance wasn't needed and I had at least little bit of time to get pampered. Honestly, there is so much going on with our family and the military at this time, more so than I feel comfortable sharing at this point, but to put it out there, it was really hard to enjoy my birthday with the amount of stress our family has been under. It will all be over soon--I hope. Back to getting pampered, I went to try a new salon which just so happened to be sort of extravagantly decorated. Well, it only took about two minutes before Lyla picked out a beautiful bright red nail polish...which she then dropped and broke all over their marble floor. Kids are great, aren't they? Lyla's reaction was priceless, she immediately felt bad and the look she wore on her face just broke my heart, she was so embarrassed and I couldn't help but to laugh and hug her. No good would've came from shaming Lyla, it was an accident. These types of situations are embarrassing, but as a parent I think it is important to remember that these things happen and the way we respond can either make a child feel loved or like an inconvenience. We ended up having a great time, Lyla was such a little princess in the chair and didn't need any re-polish (I've never seen her be so still). The highlight of my birthday was when Lyla was getting her toes painted, looked up at me with her big soft eyes and said "Mommy you're my best friend." 

The rest of the night I spent getting my back tickled and catching up on some of my favorite TV shows: Vanderpump Rules, The Walking Dead, and Bates Motel. For nothing, it was pretty awesome. 

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