Kiss Kiss : Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Creme has stolen my heart just in time for Valentine's Day. I'm not big on lipstick/cream, but I am honestly in love with this product. During the winter months I always seem to be battling dry lips --especially since moving back to California, so when I went to try these products I was a bit skeptical. I am not sure how they did it, but I swear to you, this formula is magic.  Matte lip products are all the rage right now, and although this product goes on smooth and creamy, this will give you a matte look while the finish feels more satiny--magic I tell ya! It also seems like it doesn't completely dry (at least for a while) which means it hydrates your lips longer, so if you're like me and also suffer from dry lips during the winter, then this product is going to be life changing. I have experienced no cracking with this product, which has to be one of the things I love most about it. It's been a long while since I have liked a product enough to go out and buy multiple shades--let alone blog about it-- I promise I wouldn't being telling you any of this if I wasn't obsessed

There does seem to be a little transfer, but not nearly enough to turn you off from this product. This lip cream is incredibly pigmented and sets so well, that even with the transfer you experience, you still won't have to reapply for hours. My biggest tip for ensuring the longest wear, is to use Marc Jacobs Poutliner as a primer on your lips before applying the lip cream and then reline to your liking. On days when I don't wear more than mascara and a littler bronzer, I opt for applying just the Poutliner all over my lips and blending it out for subtle color. These products are a part of an all nude line, and as much as I love nude lip colors, I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that Marc Jacobs Beauty will expand their colors, because I would buy every shade of red ! 

Liquid Lip Creme : $28.00     Poutliner: $24.00

* I received this product complimentary for review purposes

Snow Day

I'm sitting on the couch next to Alan, we're trying to decide which movie we are going to watch tonight--we've chosen The Accountant. Usually we are asleep by this time, but ever since Alan's motorcycle accident our sleep routines have been way off. For the better part of three weeks I have felt like a zombie--waking up every few hours to tend to Alan's pain management and to care for my sick Lyla girl, all while being incredibly ill myself. We haven't got much rest during the daytime either, we've been bombarded with doctors appointments and of course the pleasure (total sarcasm) of dealing with the military side of things --don't even get me started. Since Alan is pretty much immobile right now, we decided to move our beds to the couch, it's easier this way, and luckily for me, we have a comfy couch. 

Today is the day that we should've been moved (Surprise! We were moving), but that is all getting pushed back until Alan recovers a bit more. The doctors don't expect him to make a complete recovery for at least a year, assuming the damage done to his Lisfranc ligament isn't enough for surgery. It has been an emotional roller coaster, but we're managing. His accident has made us zero-in on what we want to do as far as our relationship, whether or not we will be expanding our family, and  other future goals--and let me tell you, motorcycles aren't in the near future. Although difficult, this mess has brought us back to appreciating one another, realizing that we both depend on the other for something, and that we both are incredibly supportive of each other. 

Anyway, in light of all the winter weather we've been receiving here in California (20.5 ft of snow in Mammoth, holy cow!) I thought these were some adorable shots and wanted to share them with you.  These photos were taken in the mountains of my hometown while we were visiting my parents a while back. It was the first time Lyla got to play in the snow, we weren't prepared for it--no gloves, snow pants, or sleds. We only spent about fifteen minutes outside before Lyla learned what "frickin' cold" truly meant. Poor girl, she's known nothing but beach weather her whole life. I've appreciated all the weather we've had, but I am crossing my fingers that this weekend it warms up, I'd love to get the kiddo back outside, we're both in need of some vitamin D. 

Have a lovely weekend ! 

44th Anniversary of Roe V. Wade and Why I Stand By The Women Marching

I wasn't going to write a post about the march, because I honestly didn't think it was needed given the amazing turn out for the Women's March. However, if I have to read  "Grow up.", "Get thicker skin.", "They're only words.", or the best on of them all "Don't be a sore loser." one more time today, I might flip my lid. What do these people think the march is about? Clearly, there is a much greater number of people who didn't pay attention during History class as I had originally thought. How can people actually think that the Women's March is solely about our new president Mr. Trump? As if the oppression of women didn't begin centuries ago and is something that continues today. Sure we can vote, have a job (though equal pay is a grey line), join the army, open a bank account, shit, we're even 'lucky' enough to be allowed access to birth control, but those are just things that we shouldn't have had to fight for in the first place. So, when people from my generation can't comprehend why there are women marching today, I understand, it's a privilege to be so naive --hats off to the many people who marched in previous years. 

Now, I'm not someone who identifies as a feminist nor would I ever want to ( no offense feminists friends), it's just not my thing. And no, I wasn't offended by Donald Trump's pussy talk, it is after all, Donald Trump. Plus, my texts hold much more vulgar content. To make it very clear, I have nothing too personal against our new president, in fact, I was relieved when it wasn't the other. Am I happy about the election, no. It was a complete disaster from the very beginning. I am however, hopeful. Why would I hope for the president of my country to fail? That's dumb. Though, I can't say he's off to a good start. The reason I'm telling you all of this, is because I want you to understand that my opinion isn't one sided or coming from a place of defeat. Through my twenty-two years of living, I've been through quite a lot, more than I wish, but it's given me a wider perspective, it's taught me to listen to others before jumping in with my own opinion, it's made me capable of understanding that just because something doesn't happen to you doesn't mean it's impossible of happening to someone else.

The first time I was touched inappropriately by someone I didn't know, I was 11 years old and it happened on my middle school campus by a boy who was later suspended just a few days for groping my vagina. When people argue that America is not a place where women are objectified, men aren't taught their behavior from an early age, and women aren't taught an early age to just deal with it, well, you can imagine my eyeballs rolling hard to the back of my head. If it can happen on a school lunch ground, it can happen at a grocery store, it can happen anywhere--and trust me, it does. That is why I stand by the women marching. 

Something that really lights my fire is hearing people say that the women marching need to "Grow thicker skin.", they're talking about women who have been raped, emotionally abused, battered. Women who have gone through abortions, miscarriages, cancer. And you're telling those women to grow thicker skin, please do yourself and everyone else a favor and shut the fuck up. Excuse the profanity folks, but like I said, it really lights my fire. Having thick skin is not something to be proud of and it's not something you should teach your children. Telling people to get thicker skin, is just the same as telling them that they shouldn't bother addressing their feelings because no one is going to listen. Thick skin is not a positive attribute, it's a burden. That is why I stand by the women marching.  

When people say to the marchers "Grow up, you're a bunch of sore losers, you're only mad because Trump won", I'm curious, do they mean sit on the couch and pretend that they're okay with the government threatening to take things away from The People? Or to keep going day by day accepting the fact that a system that was set up to serve you, will not even listen to you. I'm not sure what kind of reality other people are living in, but it's nearly impossible to get congress to turn their heads, let alone take the time to hear its' people's cries. What's marching going to accomplish anyway? ;)  That is why I stand by the women marching. 

It blows my mind how people are surprised that women are actually this pissed with Donald Trump. His first mistake, a part from just being Donald Trump (kidding), was threatening to take away women's rights during his campaign, promising to do away with Planned Parenthood and building a Supreme Court that would allow it to happen. And don't for a second think it's impossible, because stealthily congress has already been making the right to choice more and more difficult. That's why I stand with the women marching. 

So, sorry to burst your Trump bubble, but the march has very little do with with a bunch of "sore losers" who are "only mad because Trump won" and more to do with the fact that 44 years of progress are potentially going down the drain, today, on the 44th Anniversary of Roe V. Wade. And please spare me your anti-choice comments, because if you really cared about the well-being of others, the rise of DIY abortions should scare the living shit out of you. That's right, it's already that difficult for some women to gain access to abortion that they're turning to Google for a solution. Are you really ready to go back to a time of mangled abortions? I'm not. That is why I stand by the women marching.

Everyday I look at my daughter and I hope that she never has to go through as much as I did. I can love my daughter fiercely, I can teach her to survive, and for now, I can protect her with all my might, but in years to come, I know that protecting her won't always be within my reach. Knowing first-hand what could happen, is a scary reality to face as a parent. I don't want my daughter to excuse men's behavior as "men just being men", I don't want her to feel like no one will listen when she needs help, I don't want her to lose empathy towards others whose situations vary, and I most certainly do not want her to become a mother until she is ready to become a mother.  That is why I stand by the women marching. 

Motorcycle Accident

If you have been keeping up with my blog and social media, you would know that I have been waiting to share some exciting news with you. I was set to publish a post containing all the juicy details on January 9th, until the unimaginable happened, Alan (my husband) was in a motorcycle accident. It could've easily been a tragedy, but by a miracle, Alan is still here--with injuries. Unfortunately, the exciting news I've been craving to tell you will have to wait until after Alan is properly healed. 

A lot of painful memories were brought back when I walked into the trauma room to see Alan. The reality of 'what if' is absolutely unbearable. I keep gazing at Alan while he's asleep and crossing my eyes over to stare at his helmet, though I can barely stand to look at it. I've reflected on losing him once before, but this time it was different. This time, it was too close. The worst part about everything was having to tell Lyla that her Dad was very hurt and we were going to have to go see him at the hospital, she immediately began crying. I was calm and collect when I told her, so I'm not sure if it was because she actually understood what had happened or because she felt all the emotion that I was feeling, whichever,  it broke my heart. 

The last week has been a wreck, I feel like a damn goose running around with its' head chopped off. However, today is Friday the 13th and thankfully there's nothing to be done, because record will show that we do not have good luck. In fact, I refuse to bare myself to any chance of bad luck, the World will not see me today. Instead, I will sip on countless cups of tea, take many doses of cough syrup (did I mention I'm horribly ill?), let my three year old do almost anything as long as she's occupied and embrace the fact that my family is still whole while smothering my highly medicated husband with cuddles--he'll love that.