Oh Hello There Fall

Fall is officially upon us! Mother Nature has been a tad ahead of the game with the chilly weather, but I'm not complaining. I absolutely love fall; gloomy skies, crisp air, leaves crunching while you walk, pumpkin displays at every store--dreamy, isn't it? Our little family caught a horrible virus and we've all been suffering for almost a week now, so we haven't done too much other than cuddle up with warm drinks and watch scary movies. We did manage to go on a little Sunday adventure, if you can call it that, we mostly drove around and only stepped out of the vehicle when necessary. Yes, we do consider Sunset Cliffs a reason to get out. It's still as beautiful as I remember it, erosion and all. We did our best not to expose our germs to anyone, but we had been cooped up (still are) and needed some fresh air.

Oh, yea, I crashed a wedding for my first time . Lyla had to pee, and so we stopped at this venue nearby (when a girl has got to go, you go) and there just so happened to be a wedding going on. Lyla and I of course were dressed rather casual (I was wearing a tee that read "LEGEND" across my chest and some ripped jeans), you should've seen the look on some peoples faces. LOL Thankfully, it looked like they were getting ready for the reception, so we spared the bride and her moment.  When we finally found the bathroom, we were met by ladies my mother's age dressed in fancy outfits who were all baffled at the fact that I bared a child... "She looks like you're little sister, you look way too young to have a baby, how old are you?" --thanks? Thanks for calling me beautiful while also telling me your opinion on what age you find appropriate to have a child all while judging my appearance. Whatever. But then one lady asked if we were there for the bride or the groom and I shouted "The bride!" and quickly ran into the stall with Lyla. To avoid any other awkward confrontation I pretended as if we had missed the ceremony and we needed to run to the car to go get changed. Thanks for the adventure baby girl.

Anyway, I am completely in love with the photos I took of our outing, they all seem to compliment each other, and I am just obsessing over the cool tones brought on by the autumn beach weather.

Note: I need to teach Alan how to take photos, I am always behind the lens.

 Just a girl riding her whale in the mountains. 

 According to Lyla, mermaids live here. It's possible. 

 She said "Daddy is a super hero" and she couldn't be more right. 

She was knot ready (see what I did there, haha. ) She was sad we had to leave early, but it was getting bit too chilly and we were all sick. 


 Sunset from the Hotel Del Coronado 

I don't want to write too much about these photos, they pretty much speak for themselves. These are photos from our summer that got lost in the thousands of photos on my phone. I could probably upload so much more, but that seems a bit excessive. I had one goal this summer, and that was to enjoy whatever time we had together as a family--which was very little, because Alan was deployed or training for practically the entire summer.  Sand, birthdays, food, critters, salt water. Bathing suits, Starbucks, rompers, boots, and a day we will never forget--9/11. All things that filled our summer with laughter, love, and appreciation for the little things life offers. 

Despite our differences when push comes to shove, we are united... we will never forget. 

The only picture of Lyla and I on (a few days before, because Daddy had to leave)  her third birthday// part of Lyla's birthday gift was giving her a big girl room, hence the lack of furniture and toys. I promise an update soon. But YAY, no more crib! 
Summer bod? What summer body? --just kidding we earned these delicious burgers! Blood sweat and tears! * shrugs I have to make up for the four years I wasn't able to consume these !

My favorite picture of Lyla 

Kat Von D's Lock-It Revolution

I've always been captivated by Kat Von D's rad style, but I never really gave her make up a shot until recently and I am in love with it. Her character shines through everything she does, and to have a celebrity who cares about their product line as much as she seems to, is rewarding for consumers--meaning awesome products worth the price. 

Concealer Apart from the cute design, the size of the product was one of the first things I noticed, unlike most products now a days, there was decent amount in the tube. I was instantly captivated by how well pigmented the concealer was, usually it takes a few coats to conceal under my eyes but this did the trick with one swatch, bendable as well as build-able. I want to say that it goes on creamy but turns into a nice powdery feel , I also didn't have any issues with creasing. This is my new favorite concealer for brightening my under eyes. Lock-It concealer Creme 1 light // 3 light 

Brushes I absolutely loved the Powder Brush, the bristles were a lot softer than I had anticipated. Thus far, I have used it to set my concealer/ foundation, apply bronzer and blush--all had a lovely outcome. I've washed the brush once since having it and have not had any shedding worth mentioning, as long as you’re gentle while washing and use the proper soap I don't see bristle loss as an issue. Same goes for the concealer brush, which could double as a small contour brush. Lock-It Setting Powder Brush #20 Lock-It Concealer Brush #40

Powder I had been using mineral powder to set my face for the longest time, and it's just not the same result as you get with an actual finish powder. I wasn't able to find one that didn't leave my face feeling caky, and to be honest I was a little hesitant to try this product, but in the end I LOVED it. It helped keep my concealer from creasing (hello greasy eye area) and it also had a silk like feeling that surprisingly went well with my preferred dewy makeup (opposed to a matte finish). It definitely helps your face appear more smooth and is long lasting. I secretly hope she releases a travel size of this powder, because I'd like to take it everywhere. Seriously, this stuff is like magic!  Lock-It Setting Powder

I am working on a Vampire Makeup look to share with you guys hopefully the first week of October as a part of a series that I will be doing for the month. I wanted to see how well Kat Von D's setting powder would work with Halloween makeup, and by the looks of it I will be using it to set the complete look. If you can't already tell, Lyla and I will be being vampires for Halloween this year (her choice) and yes I am aware there are no fangs, this is not the finished look. 

All of the products listed are available on Kat Von D's beauty site, as well as Sephora. Have you tried Kat Von D's beauty collection? Which Kat Von D products can you not live without? 

* Products received free for testing purposes

Letting Go, Something I've Been Struggling With.

Letting go has never been something that has come easy for me. I am a person who loves deeply,  meaning my emotional attachments are strong to all I come in contact with; people, places and things. You always hear people say that memories are treasured in our hearts (or for arguments sake, our minds) and that we will never forget all that we cherish. For some that may be true, but I can't escape the reality of life, being that life guarantees us nothing, but expiration--including our memories. Essentially, memory is all we have until we don't. 

Shortly ago, my parents sold my childhood home and it's been something that I have been silently struggling with (as I do with most struggles). At first it was hard to wrap my mind around the fact that it was actually happening, and then I dug a little deeper and realized it had not much to do with the actual house being sold, but more so having to let go of what was inside of the walls. I shared a room with my sister for 10 years before she passed away, and even when our home felt no longer like a home, I could always find comfort in our room, though she wasn't there. It was my sanctuary, the only place I went to breakdown the walls that held me captive, the only place I could connect with my sister other than her grave. Though the feeling of her embrace is completely psychological, I can't help but to feel like I'm losing something more--more of her maybe?

In all, the move is good, especially for my parents. I don't know how they were able to stay there for as long as they did. I guess you can say we're restructuring. For me, the move has definitely brought my attention to parts of my wound that I have yet to tend to--I am afraid of forgetting her. 

Grief is weird.