What are you guys up to this weekend? I am having my best friend over for a few days and our itinerary is pretty full. We have our minds set on going to the beach, attempting a few DIYs, exploring and definitely hitting the gym daily. Hopefully, I will remember to take lots of photos to share with you guys.

Lyla and I have been up to so much lately, but it's a bit of a challenge taking photos of it all whilst being an active participant and keeping tabs on a very physically inclined three year old. I'll get ready to snap a photo and the next thing you know Lyla is trying to jump off of a ten foot ladder--girl has no fear. Not like she doesn't understand cause and effect, she definitely does. Most of her risky behavior derives from trying to fool me into believing that she will jump. I think her favorite part is succeeding and getting a freaked-out facial reaction out of me. I suppose I will be dealing with that kind of anxiety for the rest of my life--Eeeek!

I hope you all have lovely weekend! I will be doing a Q&A soon, so be sure to leave any questions in the comments below. You can also email me at Hellopreciouslife@Gmail.com anytime!



My Little Ray of Sunshine

Hey guys! I hope you are all had a wonderful weekend, I know I did. I can't believe how much Lyla is talking now, it feels like she turned three and woke up talking in complete sentences. The other night we received a surprise phone call from Alan, and Lyla was able to talk to him for a good amount of time, and ever since all she has been wanting to do is talk to her Daddy on the phone. Having to explain to her that he can't just get on the phone was a bit trying (I think we've hit that "but why?" phase) so instead, she gets on her pretend phone and computer and holds imaginary conversations with her "Daddy".  It's the most beautiful heart wrenching thing to observe. 

This morning Lyla woke me up with her sweet little voice and it was that same sweet voice that then asked me to put Goosebumps on the TV. What can I say? The girl is just like me. Watching her watch goosebumps makes me reminisce of the weekend mornings when I would wake up excited to watch Goosebumps with my older brother and my mom would be cooking breakfast--mmm bacon. I love seeing Lyla enjoying the things that I enjoyed as a child--thanks, Netflix. 

Even though life just isn't the same without Alan, us girls have managed to have loads of fun. I hope Lyla and I always remain this close with each other. We're best friends. I think the reason Lyla and I have such a close bond is because I'm still a kid at heart. I feel that being able to connect to your inner child is something that is essential for parenting--well, for my parenting style at least.  

I love watching Lyla's character develop. She's caring, gentle, adventurous, persistent--in a nut shell, she's everything that defines love. She's my ray of sunshine. 

 Nothing is sweeter than a sleeping baby on vintage sheets. 

 Those big blue eyes--man, am I in trouble.