Managing Stress Acne

I am amongst the lucky bunch that only suffers from acne once in a blue moon. Usually my acne stems from stress and other hormonal imbalances and often appears on my chin. Since I have sensitive skin, I normally opt for a natural cleanser, like this one from Lush. However, when I'm battling acne my go to product is Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Stress Control . Though stress doesn't directly cause acne, it does cause excess oil, which does lay the foundation for the development of acne-- I know, we're thinking the same thing; it sure does sound like stress causes acne, right? But hey, what do I know? I'm no dermatologist.  Since excess oil tends to be the leading factor here, an oil-free face scrub is a must. If I feel that the scrub is causing my face to be too dry (usually happens after a few days of using the scrub) I lather up my S-zone with this facial moisturizer

As if stress isn't enough to handle on it's own, it comes with excess baggage, like acne and loss of sleep. With  lack of sleep comes dark circles, and who wants those?--especially when your stressed, am I right? For battling dark circles, I use my All About Eyes eye cream by Clinique. I tend to use this regularly, but especially and more religiously when I am losing sleep and stressed out. I've tried other eye creams, but this one is definitely my favorite. I know a lot of people worry about applying make-up after an eye cream, because they're worried about creasing, but  I have yet to experience any issue with applying make-up after using this specific one. 

Not sure about you, but I am one hundred percent guilty for not wanting to cook when I am stressed out. If I am really having a hard time managing my stress, I'll just say screw it and go get take out. Sometimes healthy, other times and more often it's food from our favorite taco Shop. It's so bad. Especially, because I know better; oily and greasy foods are the last thing you want to eat when you're suffering from a break out. Instead, you should be nothing like me and opt for whole foods. Providing your body with the proper nutrients is not only vital for managing your skin and stress, but also benefits your overall health. Our bodies can get stressed out just like our minds, and sometimes all that is needed to help ease your body's stress is a well balanced and nutritious meal--oh, and don't forget lots of water. 

Life has been more stressful than usual the past few months, but I don't plan on letting it get the best of me. I have shit I need to do, and it will be the death of me if it doesn't get done. At least that's the attitude I've been working with lately. 

Let me know how you battle stress and all of its glory (total sarcasm) in the comments below. 

xoxo ,

Dependapotamus My Ass

Do you guys remember name calling in elementary school? --Wait a second,  let's call it what it is, bullying. Now, imagine that same childish behavior continuing as an adult, pathetic. Recently, I was 'called out' (or bullied) on social media for being a so called "dependapotomus". Now a lot of you are probably wondering what one could be, I'll link you to the urban dictionary definition here. Crude, right? Here's where it gets a bit more comical, the reason this person decided to call me out was because we shared different political views which are completely irrelevant to my home life. Not only did this person tag me in the post, but she continued to belittle me and my family while saying she was my husbands friend and "respected" him. As if my husband was going to side with her or something? Don't fret, the fun doesn't stop there. I know this woman (sorta), we grew up in the same small town, she's always been quite fond of my husband, and we never had any prior conflict. In fact, as far as I was aware, we were always both very supportive to each other on social media until I disagreed with her on my own post. Oh,  I also know the other woman (gosh, I'm so tempted to say girl, must be their behavior) who decided to chime in. She herself is a stay-at-home Mother and married to someone in the military, I even welcomed her into my home and sat with her at dinner. So you can see how this behavior was rather appalling to me. Where did it come from? Is me being a stay at home mom really that offensive or do I sense some jealousy? The only other thing I can think of is this woman is on her high horse, because she is enlisted and doesn't think other women are on her level. I think most of us are able to realize that there are some amazing and also some not so amazing people in every career. 

Calling someone a dependapotpmus is basically saying they are a fat, money sucking, lazy piece of shit, who just had a baby for the sole purpose of sucking the life out of enlisted personal. Which couldn't be further from the truth. I mean geez, I'm only 118 lbs. Kidding. I am totally being facetious, no body shaming here. One, I was dating my husband before he enlisted. From the beginning to now, I have been by his side. He chose me to be a part of his life, we got married and then had a baby. He prepared himself to be able to provide for his family, yes I too am included in that. Shocking. Being a stay at home mother was never up for debate, we both knew it was what was going to work best for us. In fact, it was a priority to make sure I was not only around for my daughter's youngest years, but also very hands-on (two years breastfed). And no, I am not ashamed for being a stay at home mother, nor should any of you feel that way. To find shame in motherhood, is just a sign that you probably shouldn't have children anytime soon. And since when did being a stay-at-home Mom define your intelligence? Last I checked, I wasn't the one attacking people on a personal level, because I was no longer able to validate my point. 

The only reason I am addressing what happened online is because I know this happens to a lot of women and men who just so happen to be married to people in the military. It's not because they're out of shape, lazy, bad moms/dads or even bad spouses. Some people will say anything to intentionally hurt someone, and "dependapotomus" is just one of those things. From my experience, people usually project anger onto others, because there is an active issue within themselves that they are incapable of working through. The military has been a factor in my life for the last five years, and during these years I was fortunate enough to make friends with some of the most caring, selfless, hardworking mothers I have ever met... and I know their husband's would agree. 

So yes, I am a military wife (or rather a woman who's husband just happens to be in the military) but I am not defined by his career. So sorry to break it to ya, but the center of my universe is not a man.  However my priorities remain: my family, their happiness, and their well-being. I have my shit together, do you?