Pozole Verde

Pozole Verde from scratch.

Happy Monday friends! I usually don't use the words Monday and happy in the same sentence, but today was an exception. Despite Alan being away for only a few days now, Lyla and I have somewhat synced into our own little routine. It's never fun when Alan is away, but seeing as we're a family that functions with a bi-weekly routine, it's sort of nice knowing we won't have switch routines for a while. Aside from getting a workout in while injured (if your follow me on twitter you know what Im talking about), my biggest accomplishment today (maybe even of the month) was making Pozole from scratch. The fact that it actually turned out even better than I expected it to, made my day. I've only ever made it one time before and I used canned ingredients, it was good, but not nearly as good as this batch. Alan was pretty devastated that I made Pozole while he's away. Truth is, I've planned this for a good month (*insert Dr. Evil GIF) I wanted him to be far, far away just incase I completely messed up. I didn't want to ruin his favorite dish and then make him eat it, that's just evil --and he would eat it, because that's how good of a husband he is. 

You're probably wondering where the recipe is for this, but sorry guys, I winged this (yep, no recipe). I won't completely deprive you, I just want to make this a few more times to ensure I provide you guys with the best overall recipe. Until then, you'll just have to enjoy these pictures ;). 

 All fresh produce.

 There was a lot of love put into this pot of soup.

My little veggie lover couldn't keep her hands out of our toppings.

READ: Eat Pretty

You've saw me mention it a few times, but finally I am posting about it. This book has become one of my favorite objects to carry around with me, no joke, I take it everywhere. It is such a great read and you (like me) will find yourself running back to it for either recipes, nutritional facts, advice...the list goes on. The one thing I like most about the book is it's philosophical approach to building a healthier lifestyle. This isn's a book about restrictions, it is a book about building a relationship with food and your body. I know it sounds odd, but I promise you after you read it you will completely understand where I am coming from. 

With so many beauty products out these days, it's easy to forget that beauty does actually begin on the inside. What we feed ourselves on a daily basis does impact how we think, how we feel, how we fuel our bodies and even how we look/age. Being that I have a pretty sensitive body, I've always been somewhat aware of what I put in my body, but after reading Eat Pretty (multiple times), I feel like I've gained a whole new understanding--for instance, who knew that grilled and over-cooked food could actually be harmful? It never even crossed my mind, I mean sure charred food tastes bleh (depending on how burned it is) and obviously loses nutritional value, but to find out that the longer things are cooked the more prone they are to producing AGEs in your body, just blew my mind--I didn't even know AGEs were a thing or that they go hand-in-hand with aging (coincidence , I think not). Information like this, is found on every page of this book, and it's written in such a way that it is implanted in your brain. A few things you'll learn from this book are: 

1. How to build a heathy relationship with food?
2. Finding Beauty In Balance.
3. Which foods have "ugly consequences"?
4. What are seasonal foods?
5. Beauty Beyond the Plate 

I refer to this book often for nutritional facts, and recipes; but honestly, every time I open this book I retain something new; I could go on forever about everything I've learned since, but that's what the book is for and I am hoping that I have convinced you to read it. If I continue to tell you about what this book has to offer, I would end up writing a book and I don't want to do that to you, so instead I'll just end by saying READ THIS BOOK! Following this post, I will be posting more on how I am applying Eat Pretty to my daily life. Hope you stick around!