Time For Change, See Ya 2016!

Hit the road Jack and don't cha come back no more... Can we all just agree that 2016 was a huge let down for practically everyone? I mean, seriously. What the hell happened? I don't even want to do a recap of the year, it was that horrible. So I won't, I'll skip the recap completely and instead sarcastically thank 2016 for leaving everyone's panties in a bunch. 2016 will forever be known as the year that pushed limits, tested morals, and forced emotional growth down our throats. 

It's ironic how humans are one of the most adaptive (if not the most) adaptive of species, but when it comes to change, we will fight tooth and nail. There's currently a lot changing in my personal life and it has left me feeling like I am backed into a corner with only two options. One being, I can fight this change and make it really hard and exhausting for myself. The second being, I can accept that I have little control over timing and just do what needs to be done and push through this transition phase with a smile on my face. I feel like we can treat 2016 with that same mentality. It's time to look at the bigger picture.

Goodbye 2016, you ruthless mother-effer. 

Is This Really Happening?

As Christmas rapidly approaches I cannot help but to feel overwhelmed and stressed. It's not just caused by the holidays, life has taken a sharp turn just before the New Year, leaving my anxiety through the roof. In fact, this might be the most stressed I have been in the last ten years or so. Life couldn't happen at a worse time--I'm laughing at myself right now. I am not ready to get into the details of what exactly is happening, but I will tell you more as time progresses. I think the hardest part about the next few weeks is going to be the fact that I will have no time to process what's going on in my life, there's no time for emotions, I have to just pick up the reigns and go. I am hoping that this change will be for the better. In the long run I know everything will be okay, but holy shit, am I freaking out right now. 

On another note, I can't help but to feel guilty for uprooting Lyla over and over again. Being that her father is in the military, stability has been something that our lives has lacked for the last five years. I am just ready to be somewhere I can envision staying for a long time, find a school I want Lyla to attend, build my career, and buy a home. In order for all of that to happen I need to get through this. I know I'm making it sound like this is something bad, it's not, it's a great opportunity and if there is one thing I've learned from mistakes in the past, it's to grab an opportunity when it presents itself. If it's something you want, go for it. Take the necessary risks. Life is what you make it after all

BLOGMAS DAY 15: A Letter To My Sister On Her 32nd Birthday

Happy Birthday Joss, 
Today you would've turned thirty-two. I sit here day dreaming of what life would be like if you were still here, how would we have celebrated your special day? Would we be out at a bar with Dill sipping on some fruity cocktails (because those were your favorite) or would we be inside somewhere surrounded by family, would you have children?  --I like to think you would have. 

This morning Dad sent me a picture of an unusually bright pink sunrise, and here in San Diego it started to rain just as "I'll be missing you" played in my car. Coincidence? Maybe, but I couldn't help but to feel you were near today. I fucking miss you Joscelyn, not just on birthdays or anniversaries but every day of my life. Every year I try to come up with a way to celebrate you (I say that lightly).  To state the obvious, celebrating your birthday isn't what it used to be--it's painful. 

Thank you for all those years you let me open your birthday presents and all those birthday candles you let me lick the frosting off of...and stick back in the cake. My only hope is at the moment you left this world, you knew how much you were loved. I think the greatest present of all is to love and be loved. You loved harder than anyone, you are the foundation of how I perceive love and I'll love you forever. 

Happy Birthday Jossy. 

Love always and forever after,

 Your little sister

BLOGMAS DAYS 5-7 : Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things

 There is not a place more cozy than my Nonna's home--especially during Christmas time.

I had a sudden urge to go on a walk in 35 degree weather at 6:30a.m and I was accompanied by these cute pups. 

 The fog was just thickening. 

I was happy being the passenger for the first time in a long time and took time to find beauty where it's usually hard to find--on the 215 South. 

Happy Hump Day everyone! So....yea, I missed a few days of Blogmas (as I predicted), but it was for a good reason, I was out of town celebrating my dad's 59th birthday. It's been over five years since we were all together to celebrate my dad's birthday, so as you can imagine the quality time was much needed. My Dad had no idea that we were all coming, which I think was the best part. We spent a lot of time outdoors (my dad's favorite) and then when it got dark, we gathered in the living room and watched movies. For his actual birthday we went out to sushi then headed back to my Nonna's home for cake (pumpkin cake) and lastly back to our family home for presents and a movie--simple yet fulfilling. I hope you all had a wonderful last couple of days, look forward to seeing much more on my blog, as I will return to my humble home in a few hours.

BLOGMAS DAY 4: Hot Chocolate

Christmas mugs are adorable. And yes, clearly I enjoy marshmallows as a topping. 

I love cold weather, but I'm going to be honest, my body hasn't quite adjusted back to the frigid mountain weather here in the Sierra Nevadas --after all, I have lived in Florida for four years and now San Diego. One thing I look forward to about cold weather is hot chocolate. Every Christmas morning my mother would make us a hot cup.  I've been fond of the drink ever since I was a sprout, so tonight I thought I'd share a few recipes I found on Pinterest, that I haven't exactly tried yet, but that I'd like to get around to trying this month.  Hope you enjoy! 

 It's safe to say that I've grown out of microwave hot chocolate. My new favorite quick fix is Nestle's Abuelita Hot Chocolate. Depending on how many people want hot chocolate, I'll cut it in half, otherwise it gets too rich and frothy for my liking. 

Currently In the Mountains

It is day three of Blogmas, and I have found myself in the mountains once again. I'm currently sitting by a wood burning stove, flames flickering, surrounded by close family watching a movie-- I feel cozy. This year we will be celebrating Christmas at my parent's new home. At first I wasn't sure how it would feel celebrating in this new home, but surprisingly I am excited. In fact, I just finished talking with my dad about decorating for Christmas --he thinks I am a little too excited. It is exciting though,  right? I love putting things together and making things extra special. I can't wait until it's my turn to entertain holidays in my home (whenever, that happens).

I know the last few posts seem a little "last minute", and they are, but I promise I have so much planned for the next few weeks--bare with me. However, the next couple of days I will be spending with my family doing whatever it is we will do, you can expect; check-ins, photos, and adventures. Last night was a hot mess and today we drove for almost five hours, to say the least, I am exhausted. With that being said, I think I am going to rest my sleepy head.

Goodnight Loves!


Blogmas Day 2

This picture is from last Christmas, the last Christmas I would ever have in my childhood home. 

Happy Friday everyone! I Hope you all had a lovely one. I just came home from Christmas dress shopping and surprisingly I didn't come home empty-handed. I usually am the most indecisive person on the planet when it comes to choosing something, anything for myself, but this time it only took four stores and two different malls. I forgot what it feels like to go out shopping, childless. Yes, this evening I, Lauren, went to the mall without having to push a stroller, or stop toddler hands from touching items I cannot afford and it was amazing. And get this, I actually talked with an adult today, about adult things--marvelous. It was like for a brief moment in time, I felt relaxed. The most relaxed I've felt in a really long time--does that sound bad? I love my little girl more than I love anything/one in this entire world, but sometimes Mommy needs a little break and by little I mean three hours. That's all, three hours and I am good to go. 

Prior to Christmas dress shopping, Lyla and I tackled some actual Christmas shopping--after the gym of course. Now, here I am at almost midnight hoping to publish this post before day three of Blogmas. I planned on having a lot more time to write and post some cute pictures, but now all I can think about is sleep and the fact that I have to wakeup, pack for a trip, and drive to my destination in the morning. It's going to be a late night, seeing as I still need to do laundry. *Sigh. Today just slipped away. 

Sweet dreams to all. 



Day 1

Happy December lovelies.  The time we've all (well, most) have been waiting for is here,  Blogmas! I want to promise you all that I will post every single day, but past history will show that it's easier said than done--and I know I am not the only one. There are a lot of mixed emotions about Blogmas, some people absolutely love it and others loathe the idea of other people enjoying it so much " Christmas is one day not twenty-five..." we've all heard it.  Personally I love being festive, it's fun and I refuse to become someone who sucks the fun out of things. At the same time, I understand a lot of people's frustration about Blogmas and the pressure it puts on one's creativity, but at the same time I like to look at it as a challenge, it's meant to frustrate our creative brains in order for us to grow as writers/creators. I feel like a lot of bloggers (including myself) get frustrated when they meet that creative hump and a lot of the times just give up. For me it's always hardest to get back into something after I didn't meet my goals--I think this is like my third year attempting Blogmas, but I am not someone who gives up. My goal for this year is obviously to post everyday for the next twenty-five days, but being practical, I'll probably miss a few or a lot, depending. As long as I output more posts than I have in the previous years, I will be content--I want to participate, but I am not exactly looking for a gold medal. With that being said, let's remove our Scrooge goggles and support everyone whether they choose to partake in the festivities or not. 

What You Can Expect:

- Christmas Flashbacks, Gift Guides, Lifestyle, DIYs, Food, and more. 

I hope everyone has a lovely December, cheers!


P.S. If you are participating, leave your links in the comment section below so I can check out your take on Blogmas. 

Oh Hello There Fall

Fall is officially upon us! Mother Nature has been a tad ahead of the game with the chilly weather, but I'm not complaining. I absolutely love fall; gloomy skies, crisp air, leaves crunching while you walk, pumpkin displays at every store--dreamy, isn't it? Our little family caught a horrible virus and we've all been suffering for almost a week now, so we haven't done too much other than cuddle up with warm drinks and watch scary movies. We did manage to go on a little Sunday adventure, if you can call it that, we mostly drove around and only stepped out of the vehicle when necessary. Yes, we do consider Sunset Cliffs a reason to get out. It's still as beautiful as I remember it, erosion and all. We did our best not to expose our germs to anyone, but we had been cooped up (still are) and needed some fresh air.

Oh, yea, I crashed a wedding for my first time . Lyla had to pee, and so we stopped at this venue nearby (when a girl has got to go, you go) and there just so happened to be a wedding going on. Lyla and I of course were dressed rather casual (I was wearing a tee that read "LEGEND" across my chest and some ripped jeans), you should've seen the look on some peoples faces. LOL Thankfully, it looked like they were getting ready for the reception, so we spared the bride and her moment.  When we finally found the bathroom, we were met by ladies my mother's age dressed in fancy outfits who were all baffled at the fact that I bared a child... "She looks like you're little sister, you look way too young to have a baby, how old are you?" --thanks? Thanks for calling me beautiful while also telling me your opinion on what age you find appropriate to have a child all while judging my appearance. Whatever. But then one lady asked if we were there for the bride or the groom and I shouted "The bride!" and quickly ran into the stall with Lyla. To avoid any other awkward confrontation I pretended as if we had missed the ceremony and we needed to run to the car to go get changed. Thanks for the adventure baby girl.

Anyway, I am completely in love with the photos I took of our outing, they all seem to compliment each other, and I am just obsessing over the cool tones brought on by the autumn beach weather.

Note: I need to teach Alan how to take photos, I am always behind the lens.

 Just a girl riding her whale in the mountains. 

 According to Lyla, mermaids live here. It's possible. 

 She said "Daddy is a super hero" and she couldn't be more right. 

She was knot ready (see what I did there, haha. ) She was sad we had to leave early, but it was getting bit too chilly and we were all sick. 


 Sunset from the Hotel Del Coronado 

I don't want to write too much about these photos, they pretty much speak for themselves. These are photos from our summer that got lost in the thousands of photos on my phone. I could probably upload so much more, but that seems a bit excessive. I had one goal this summer, and that was to enjoy whatever time we had together as a family--which was very little, because Alan was deployed or training for practically the entire summer.  Sand, birthdays, food, critters, salt water. Bathing suits, Starbucks, rompers, boots, and a day we will never forget--9/11. All things that filled our summer with laughter, love, and appreciation for the little things life offers. 

Despite our differences when push comes to shove, we are united... we will never forget. 

The only picture of Lyla and I on (a few days before, because Daddy had to leave)  her third birthday// part of Lyla's birthday gift was giving her a big girl room, hence the lack of furniture and toys. I promise an update soon. But YAY, no more crib! 
Summer bod? What summer body? --just kidding we earned these delicious burgers! Blood sweat and tears! * shrugs I have to make up for the four years I wasn't able to consume these !

My favorite picture of Lyla 

Kat Von D's Lock-It Revolution

I've always been captivated by Kat Von D's rad style, but I never really gave her make up a shot until recently and I am in love with it. Her character shines through everything she does, and to have a celebrity who cares about their product line as much as she seems to, is rewarding for consumers--meaning awesome products worth the price. 

Concealer Apart from the cute design, the size of the product was one of the first things I noticed, unlike most products now a days, there was decent amount in the tube. I was instantly captivated by how well pigmented the concealer was, usually it takes a few coats to conceal under my eyes but this did the trick with one swatch, bendable as well as build-able. I want to say that it goes on creamy but turns into a nice powdery feel , I also didn't have any issues with creasing. This is my new favorite concealer for brightening my under eyes. Lock-It concealer Creme 1 light // 3 light 

Brushes I absolutely loved the Powder Brush, the bristles were a lot softer than I had anticipated. Thus far, I have used it to set my concealer/ foundation, apply bronzer and blush--all had a lovely outcome. I've washed the brush once since having it and have not had any shedding worth mentioning, as long as you’re gentle while washing and use the proper soap I don't see bristle loss as an issue. Same goes for the concealer brush, which could double as a small contour brush. Lock-It Setting Powder Brush #20 Lock-It Concealer Brush #40

Powder I had been using mineral powder to set my face for the longest time, and it's just not the same result as you get with an actual finish powder. I wasn't able to find one that didn't leave my face feeling caky, and to be honest I was a little hesitant to try this product, but in the end I LOVED it. It helped keep my concealer from creasing (hello greasy eye area) and it also had a silk like feeling that surprisingly went well with my preferred dewy makeup (opposed to a matte finish). It definitely helps your face appear more smooth and is long lasting. I secretly hope she releases a travel size of this powder, because I'd like to take it everywhere. Seriously, this stuff is like magic!  Lock-It Setting Powder

I am working on a Vampire Makeup look to share with you guys hopefully the first week of October as a part of a series that I will be doing for the month. I wanted to see how well Kat Von D's setting powder would work with Halloween makeup, and by the looks of it I will be using it to set the complete look. If you can't already tell, Lyla and I will be being vampires for Halloween this year (her choice) and yes I am aware there are no fangs, this is not the finished look. 

All of the products listed are available on Kat Von D's beauty site, as well as Sephora. Have you tried Kat Von D's beauty collection? Which Kat Von D products can you not live without? 

* Products received free for testing purposes

Letting Go, Something I've Been Struggling With.

Letting go has never been something that has come easy for me. I am a person who loves deeply,  meaning my emotional attachments are strong to all I come in contact with; people, places and things. You always hear people say that memories are treasured in our hearts (or for arguments sake, our minds) and that we will never forget all that we cherish. For some that may be true, but I can't escape the reality of life, being that life guarantees us nothing, but expiration--including our memories. Essentially, memory is all we have until we don't. 

Shortly ago, my parents sold my childhood home and it's been something that I have been silently struggling with (as I do with most struggles). At first it was hard to wrap my mind around the fact that it was actually happening, and then I dug a little deeper and realized it had not much to do with the actual house being sold, but more so having to let go of what was inside of the walls. I shared a room with my sister for 10 years before she passed away, and even when our home felt no longer like a home, I could always find comfort in our room, though she wasn't there. It was my sanctuary, the only place I went to breakdown the walls that held me captive, the only place I could connect with my sister other than her grave. Though the feeling of her embrace is completely psychological, I can't help but to feel like I'm losing something more--more of her maybe?

In all, the move is good, especially for my parents. I don't know how they were able to stay there for as long as they did. I guess you can say we're restructuring. For me, the move has definitely brought my attention to parts of my wound that I have yet to tend to--I am afraid of forgetting her. 

Grief is weird. 


What are you guys up to this weekend? I am having my best friend over for a few days and our itinerary is pretty full. We have our minds set on going to the beach, attempting a few DIYs, exploring and definitely hitting the gym daily. Hopefully, I will remember to take lots of photos to share with you guys.

Lyla and I have been up to so much lately, but it's a bit of a challenge taking photos of it all whilst being an active participant and keeping tabs on a very physically inclined three year old. I'll get ready to snap a photo and the next thing you know Lyla is trying to jump off of a ten foot ladder--girl has no fear. Not like she doesn't understand cause and effect, she definitely does. Most of her risky behavior derives from trying to fool me into believing that she will jump. I think her favorite part is succeeding and getting a freaked-out facial reaction out of me. I suppose I will be dealing with that kind of anxiety for the rest of my life--Eeeek!

I hope you all have lovely weekend! I will be doing a Q&A soon, so be sure to leave any questions in the comments below. You can also email me at Hellopreciouslife@Gmail.com anytime!



My Little Ray of Sunshine

Hey guys! I hope you are all had a wonderful weekend, I know I did. I can't believe how much Lyla is talking now, it feels like she turned three and woke up talking in complete sentences. The other night we received a surprise phone call from Alan, and Lyla was able to talk to him for a good amount of time, and ever since all she has been wanting to do is talk to her Daddy on the phone. Having to explain to her that he can't just get on the phone was a bit trying (I think we've hit that "but why?" phase) so instead, she gets on her pretend phone and computer and holds imaginary conversations with her "Daddy".  It's the most beautiful heart wrenching thing to observe. 

This morning Lyla woke me up with her sweet little voice and it was that same sweet voice that then asked me to put Goosebumps on the TV. What can I say? The girl is just like me. Watching her watch goosebumps makes me reminisce of the weekend mornings when I would wake up excited to watch Goosebumps with my older brother and my mom would be cooking breakfast--mmm bacon. I love seeing Lyla enjoying the things that I enjoyed as a child--thanks, Netflix. 

Even though life just isn't the same without Alan, us girls have managed to have loads of fun. I hope Lyla and I always remain this close with each other. We're best friends. I think the reason Lyla and I have such a close bond is because I'm still a kid at heart. I feel that being able to connect to your inner child is something that is essential for parenting--well, for my parenting style at least.  

I love watching Lyla's character develop. She's caring, gentle, adventurous, persistent--in a nut shell, she's everything that defines love. She's my ray of sunshine. 

 Nothing is sweeter than a sleeping baby on vintage sheets. 

 Those big blue eyes--man, am I in trouble. 

Managing Stress Acne

I am amongst the lucky bunch that only suffers from acne once in a blue moon. Usually my acne stems from stress and other hormonal imbalances and often appears on my chin. Since I have sensitive skin, I normally opt for a natural cleanser, like this one from Lush. However, when I'm battling acne my go to product is Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Stress Control . Though stress doesn't directly cause acne, it does cause excess oil, which does lay the foundation for the development of acne-- I know, we're thinking the same thing; it sure does sound like stress causes acne, right? But hey, what do I know? I'm no dermatologist.  Since excess oil tends to be the leading factor here, an oil-free face scrub is a must. If I feel that the scrub is causing my face to be too dry (usually happens after a few days of using the scrub) I lather up my S-zone with this facial moisturizer

As if stress isn't enough to handle on it's own, it comes with excess baggage, like acne and loss of sleep. With  lack of sleep comes dark circles, and who wants those?--especially when your stressed, am I right? For battling dark circles, I use my All About Eyes eye cream by Clinique. I tend to use this regularly, but especially and more religiously when I am losing sleep and stressed out. I've tried other eye creams, but this one is definitely my favorite. I know a lot of people worry about applying make-up after an eye cream, because they're worried about creasing, but  I have yet to experience any issue with applying make-up after using this specific one. 

Not sure about you, but I am one hundred percent guilty for not wanting to cook when I am stressed out. If I am really having a hard time managing my stress, I'll just say screw it and go get take out. Sometimes healthy, other times and more often it's food from our favorite taco Shop. It's so bad. Especially, because I know better; oily and greasy foods are the last thing you want to eat when you're suffering from a break out. Instead, you should be nothing like me and opt for whole foods. Providing your body with the proper nutrients is not only vital for managing your skin and stress, but also benefits your overall health. Our bodies can get stressed out just like our minds, and sometimes all that is needed to help ease your body's stress is a well balanced and nutritious meal--oh, and don't forget lots of water. 

Life has been more stressful than usual the past few months, but I don't plan on letting it get the best of me. I have shit I need to do, and it will be the death of me if it doesn't get done. At least that's the attitude I've been working with lately. 

Let me know how you battle stress and all of its glory (total sarcasm) in the comments below. 

xoxo ,

Dependapotamus My Ass

Do you guys remember name calling in elementary school? --Wait a second,  let's call it what it is, bullying. Now, imagine that same childish behavior continuing as an adult, pathetic. Recently, I was 'called out' (or bullied) on social media for being a so called "dependapotomus". Now a lot of you are probably wondering what one could be, I'll link you to the urban dictionary definition here. Crude, right? Here's where it gets a bit more comical, the reason this person decided to call me out was because we shared different political views which are completely irrelevant to my home life. Not only did this person tag me in the post, but she continued to belittle me and my family while saying she was my husbands friend and "respected" him. As if my husband was going to side with her or something? Don't fret, the fun doesn't stop there. I know this woman (sorta), we grew up in the same small town, she's always been quite fond of my husband, and we never had any prior conflict. In fact, as far as I was aware, we were always both very supportive to each other on social media until I disagreed with her on my own post. Oh,  I also know the other woman (gosh, I'm so tempted to say girl, must be their behavior) who decided to chime in. She herself is a stay-at-home Mother and married to someone in the military, I even welcomed her into my home and sat with her at dinner. So you can see how this behavior was rather appalling to me. Where did it come from? Is me being a stay at home mom really that offensive or do I sense some jealousy? The only other thing I can think of is this woman is on her high horse, because she is enlisted and doesn't think other women are on her level. I think most of us are able to realize that there are some amazing and also some not so amazing people in every career. 

Calling someone a dependapotpmus is basically saying they are a fat, money sucking, lazy piece of shit, who just had a baby for the sole purpose of sucking the life out of enlisted personal. Which couldn't be further from the truth. I mean geez, I'm only 118 lbs. Kidding. I am totally being facetious, no body shaming here. One, I was dating my husband before he enlisted. From the beginning to now, I have been by his side. He chose me to be a part of his life, we got married and then had a baby. He prepared himself to be able to provide for his family, yes I too am included in that. Shocking. Being a stay at home mother was never up for debate, we both knew it was what was going to work best for us. In fact, it was a priority to make sure I was not only around for my daughter's youngest years, but also very hands-on (two years breastfed). And no, I am not ashamed for being a stay at home mother, nor should any of you feel that way. To find shame in motherhood, is just a sign that you probably shouldn't have children anytime soon. And since when did being a stay-at-home Mom define your intelligence? Last I checked, I wasn't the one attacking people on a personal level, because I was no longer able to validate my point. 

The only reason I am addressing what happened online is because I know this happens to a lot of women and men who just so happen to be married to people in the military. It's not because they're out of shape, lazy, bad moms/dads or even bad spouses. Some people will say anything to intentionally hurt someone, and "dependapotomus" is just one of those things. From my experience, people usually project anger onto others, because there is an active issue within themselves that they are incapable of working through. The military has been a factor in my life for the last five years, and during these years I was fortunate enough to make friends with some of the most caring, selfless, hardworking mothers I have ever met... and I know their husband's would agree. 

So yes, I am a military wife (or rather a woman who's husband just happens to be in the military) but I am not defined by his career. So sorry to break it to ya, but the center of my universe is not a man.  However my priorities remain: my family, their happiness, and their well-being. I have my shit together, do you? 

Saying Goodbye to Daddy// Third Birthday

Lyla turns three this Saturday, no big plans like her first birthday, but a little more than her second (we took her to the Jacksonville Zoo). Unfortunately, it turns out that Lyla's third birthday will be the first that Alan misses due to a deployment. Since Alan won't be here on her birthday, we decided that spreading out special moments leading up to Lyla's birthday would be better than throwing a huge party that he would miss out on. 

 We spent an entire day hanging out at the La Jolla cove catchin' some rays, hanging out with the sea lions, and playing in the water.

I can't get over how adorable Lyla is in her watermelon bathing suit from Target.


Lyla hates being dirty, so I was completely shocked when she let us burry her in the sand and then asked for us to do it three more times. 

She was not too thrilled about the "gross green stuff", but ventured out with her Daddy anyway.

   After the beach we headed to the nearest Cold Stone Creamery for some ice-cream and posted a bit on snapchat. 

We were so busy that I didn't have time to bake a cake (I'll bake a real one on her actual birthday) so I just bought one and threw some sprinkles on it--simple and cute, right?

Completely intrigued by her little critter friend.

We had to say goodbye to our favorite guy this week, it's always hard when you're away from your other half. I'm not really sure how much of the concept Lyla grasps, but she cries for her Daddy at bedtime, then gets overly excited when I tell her he's on a big ship--she thinks he's a "good pirate". We're going to take this all one day at a time and continue our adventures, that way when Alan comes home we'll have so much to tell him. 

Update: Theft, House Hunting, and more.

Hey guys! I feel like I've been away forever, I also feel like I say that often--sorry. Actually, I'm not really sure how sorry I am, after all my sanity comes before blogging. Right?  There has been way too much going on lately and it doesn't look like the road is going to get less bumpy any time soon. If you don't know, we recently had a vehicle stolen from our gated community. Dealing with the loss of a vehicle has been incredibly stressful, especially since it was Alan's daily commuter/pride and joy. Since we are still waiting for our insurance to get back to us (which is taking a really long time) Alan has been using the car to go to work, leaving Lyla and I house bound until he returns. Everything has been a little out of whack lately, moods included.

One thing that really sucks about San Diego, is that it's a border city and with that comes a lot of crime; this is a reality for even wealthy and gated communities (which we are in). Since the theft, we've been more motivated to look for a new home--one with a garage. How's house hunting? Pfft. The San Diego market is so outrageous right now we would be stupid to buy anything. When homes that are located in considerably bad neighborhoods are selling for half a million dollars, you know there's a problem.

Apart from everything else, Alan will be deploying soon and it's safe to say that Lyla and I are not looking forward to it. I am not sure that Lyla totally understands what is going to happen, but we talk to her about it almost every day. I find that she copes with things more appropriately when we communicate with her and let her know what's going to happen. I always try to remind myself that she understands a lot more than even I realize--and she really does, she's so smart.

Since Alan is leaving, we are trying to slow down a little bit and really focus on spending quality time together as both a couple and a family. Since our schedules have been whacky, a lot of our quality time has been spent laying around in our shorts (and shorter short shorts) watching movies and cuddling. We will be taking vacation very shortly and I am looking forward to just giving up some control--self proclaimed control freak here! Though, I'm sure many others would agree with me. I just want to enjoy every minute of this vacation and avoid the thought of something going terribly wrong like our last mini vacay.


Friday the 13th Nightmare! Weenie Roast 2016 and More

I kind of like the nonexistent faces of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in this picture, it's symbolic to their performance that night--too soon? 

I once had a mentor who would always stress that if you were going to have high expectations you would need to develop an even higher level of acceptance. Applying that to my life hasn't always been easy, but it has changed the way I react when things go wrong. It's a more pleasant way of living when you can just accept that sometimes shit just happens and the most you can do is deal with it. I'm not a master at this by all means, but the older I get and the more often things go wrong, I look back and think how I could've handled a situation better, how I could've turned the day around and I try to apply that to the next time something goes terribly wrong. Remaining upset about something that you really have no control over is pointless, exhausting, and annoying for all the other people you're around. 

I've never experienced an unlucky Friday the thirteenth, but this year has me feeling superstitious. We woke up early like usual, Alan got ready for work and when he went to leave, we found out that the Ducati was stolen and all that was left were bolts. How? No one knows. It was parked in front of our car (which has a brick wall next to it) in a very difficult position to get out, locked, and blocked by other cars--the Ducati even has a computerized key, so it's not like they were able to start it. According to other people we spoke to, there's a van that drives around with a group of guys and if they can't start the bike they'll carry it into the van and drive off with it more than likely across the border to be sold as a whole or stripped for parts. That's exactly what these dicks did, because there was just no other way they could've retrieved the bike and we are barely a ten minute drive from the border--Kinda sort of hoping Trump gets his wall after all. I'm being facetious--kind of. Sorry, you'll have to excuse my lack of empathy, it's just when you live this close to Tijuana, you start to realize how things really are. Anyway, this same day we were supposed to leave in the afternoon to Los Angeles to attend the  2016 Weenie Roast (the last Weenie Roast at Irvine Meadows) the following day, "The Ducati got stolen, but at least we will get to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers tomorrow." we kept telling ourselves. Eventually after we were done speaking with the police and detectives, we were finally on our way to L.A and everything seemed like it was going to be okay from that point. I woke up that Saturday (the day of the Weenie Roast) morning to Lyla puking all over me and all over her Aunt's white bathroom rugs. The girl had an extremely high fever and we had to take her to the children's hospital. They watched her and gave her some meds and sent her on her way, she seemed to be okay, but right when we were leaving her fever spiked again and I then realized her second pair of molars were coming in. I soothed her to sleep with a cold,wet cloth and left her in good hands. It was so hard leaving, I slightly hate myself for leaving, because the poor girl has never been sick, and now that she was, her parents were going to a concert. Let me tell you though, I wouldn't have left if I didn't think she was going to be in good hands. The babysitter did an amazing job taking care of her and updated me throughout the night. So finally, three hours late we were on our way to the Weenie Roast in Irvine. At this point I couldn't tell you how much Alan and I (our whole group) were dying to see the Chili Peppers perform. We needed it. 

One we got in and my cup was filled with tequila, I finally had some relief for a few hours. Quite a few bands played when the Chili Peppers minus Anthony Kiedis came on stage only to announce...they would be canceling the show due to Anthony Kiedis having a "medical thing"--I was so close I have them on video. If it wasn't for the Red Hot Chili Peppers playing we wouldn't have spent $300 on tickets--or left my sick child. Obviously, I hope Anthony Kiedis is better, however I still want to see RHCP play, dammit! We payed to see them and it didn't happen. There wasn't any refund or anything which sucks, but what are you going to do, right? Oh, and to top it all off...some chick kissed my husband at the show, so there's that (FYI it wasn't his fault). It's fine though, I was still drooling over Panic At the Disco's performance, they were so hot! I can't fail to mention the fact that Blink182 showed up and played, I grew up on them and even though Tom is no longer a part of the band, they frickin' nailed it. I was singing at the top of my lungs, just as I did when I was a preteen--not embarrassed one bit. Blink182 and Panic At the Disco definitely owned the last Weenie Roast at Irvine Meadows.  

The Blink182 picture has to be one of my favorite pictures in my iPhone right now.  I hate that I took so many vertical pictures, ugh! 

This picture breaks my heart into a billion little pieces. 

Today, we had to take Lyla to the doctor's again due to her stomach pains, loose stools and now they're saying she has some viral infection (maybe Anthony Kiedis and Lyla were in the same boat). We are still dealing with the aftermath of a stolen vehicle; paper work, different commutes/schedules  and such. It's really a bummer, you kind of lose trust in people as a whole, ya know? Hopefully, I can keep finding the positives in situations like these, but recently it's been difficult. 

So, please if you have any horrible luck filled days, feel free to vent about them in the comments below or email me, which ever. (;