First Haul of 2015

One of my resolutions for the new year is to take time for myself to do things for myself. For the last three years I have been extremely attentive to my baby and my husband (as it should be), but I also haven't made enough time to do things for myself. I can count on one hand how many times I have painted my nails over the past three years, and that's just nuts. So, this time around I am going to make a conscious effort to put aside some greatly needed "Lauren Time" starting with this haul. 

Some of the items I bought I couldn't find online so here are the ones that I did find

Forever 21


Barnes & Noble


  1. I love Lush products when I want to treat myself to some me time! I think when you have other people to look after or think about it can be all too easy to forget to look after yourself as well x

  2. I love a good haul especially when it's about pampering and just being nice to yourself. Everything looks gorgeous!!