Lyla took well to Santa at 6 months old but at 18 months I wasn't too sure how she would respond. To my surprise she was very fond of Mr. Saint Nick, a bit shy at first but warmed up real quick. (Accidental rhyme). Although the crying babies on Santa's lap are adorable and classic; I didn't want my daughter to feel scared. I really just wanted her to enjoy the whole experience; so I figured , instead of just springing this giant, white bearded, old man into her life I could slowly introduce him to her. Back in November I began watching Christmas movies with her while pointing out Santa Claus, we read books and anytime throughout our days if there was anything to do with Santa I made a conscious effort to show her. I can't say for certain that it will work for you, or even our next child; but it couldn't hurt to give it a go, right? 

High-fives all day for Santy Claus

Excuse the lousy outfit we were running late. 

Get this girl a comp card quick! 

So much cheer in this little soul. 

Who doesn't love a cute baby and J. Crew.

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