A Holiday Adventure to the Zoo

We engaged in a lot of holiday activities this year; I think we are embracing the fact that we will soon be leaving this little place we call 'home'. When we first arrived we hated it here; but it has grown on us, now I think we might actually be sad to leave. 

Christmas Day!

I keep seeing cute Christmas Day blog posts and I  am just over here wondering how the heck they had time to capture all of their perfect pictures. Literally, from the time we woke to the time we went to bed I was bouncing around doing something. As much as I would have liked to had the time to photograph every little bit of our day I was just too busy with cooking and enjoying the smiles of my little family to even pick up a camera. Although we weren't able to have a Christmas gathering with our families we definitely felt the love from across the country. We miss them all so much and spent a great amount of time Skyping with them. When we finally had a chance to sit down we realized something that just slipped our minds; we might not be spending the next Christmas together. We're suppose to find our next duty station soon and we are unsure if Alan will be deployed. It got us sad and you can bet I shed a few tears, but it just made us appreciate this Christmas so much more. We woke up and opened presents, I made the most delicious homemade cinnamon rolls ever, then cooked a feast and with out tummies full we played with all of new toys/gifts. It was an intimate Christmas but one of my favorite Christmases yet.

The face of Christmas

Couples that cook Gingerbread together, stay together. 

Okay, little model. //Happy 18 months Baby Girl

My little helper making Sugar cookies.
Waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

Pinterest Therapy!

It has been a very long, and hectic day. No, Scratch that. It has been a very chaotic few months, but today has just been one of those days that just makes you feel a bit overwhelmed and annoyed at the end of it. I feel like I am on some sort of mission trying to purchase the Iphone 6; every time we go into a store they're out or don't have the one we're looking for (the 128). On top of that I needed to get my screen on my Galaxy S4 fixed and when I went to pick up and they ended up breaking the 'home' button. It's all a big messy story of running back and forth, waiting, and road rage, but I wouldn't want to run this post in a negative direction so I will just avoid telling it. 

When these types of days occur I notice that I can easily unwind with a hot cup of tea, comfy clothes and pinterest. I call it Pinterest Therapy. It's my little bit of time when the baby is asleep, and the husband is either at work or playing his PS4. I know a lot of people would rather a hot bath, face mask and a good book; don't get me wrong I love pampering myself as well, but sometimes I just don't want to do anything or worry about having to clean up after myself. No background noise needed; it's just a hot drink,  PC and I. Call me crazy but I am all about that like button tonight. If you would like to follow me on Pinterest you can find me HERE

Love this cup from PicklePottery

Don't these cookies made by Cooking Classy  just make your mouth water? I could use some of these with my tea!

Yum and YUM! Two holiday season favorites; eggnog and cinnamon rolls

Okay, I really need this ankle bracelet by TatiRocks pronto!

Disclaimer: I do not own rights to any of the above images. All credit goes to the original owner. Pictures linked to their rightful owners. 


Lyla took well to Santa at 6 months old but at 18 months I wasn't too sure how she would respond. To my surprise she was very fond of Mr. Saint Nick, a bit shy at first but warmed up real quick. (Accidental rhyme). Although the crying babies on Santa's lap are adorable and classic; I didn't want my daughter to feel scared. I really just wanted her to enjoy the whole experience; so I figured , instead of just springing this giant, white bearded, old man into her life I could slowly introduce him to her. Back in November I began watching Christmas movies with her while pointing out Santa Claus, we read books and anytime throughout our days if there was anything to do with Santa I made a conscious effort to show her. I can't say for certain that it will work for you, or even our next child; but it couldn't hurt to give it a go, right? 

High-fives all day for Santy Claus

Excuse the lousy outfit we were running late. 

Get this girl a comp card quick! 

So much cheer in this little soul. 

Who doesn't love a cute baby and J. Crew.

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