Post Turkey Day!

It's day 2 after Thanksgiving and I am still full, but somehow can't manage to stop eating.  It took two full days of prepping and cleaning but everything came out great. I tried a new method for the turkey so there of course were a few lessons learned there but overall it was delicious and I feel like my first attempt at Thanksgiving dinner was a success. Happy week of leftovers everyone! 

Here are a few pics that I was able to capture during our Thanksgiving. There was a lot more food and moments to be captured but the cook can't cook and photograph at once. 

The beginning of an old family recipe for cranberry salad.  ( not finished)

Recently found a new favorite sweet potato recipe  (Prepping)

Friends. I am thankful for friends. 

The faces of pure enjoyment 

Note to self: don't let the sides of the turkey touch the roaster. Everything else was fine though. 

I think it's time to make her a kitchen.

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