Post Turkey Day!

It's day 2 after Thanksgiving and I am still full, but somehow can't manage to stop eating.  It took two full days of prepping and cleaning but everything came out great. I tried a new method for the turkey so there of course were a few lessons learned there but overall it was delicious and I feel like my first attempt at Thanksgiving dinner was a success. Happy week of leftovers everyone! 

Here are a few pics that I was able to capture during our Thanksgiving. There was a lot more food and moments to be captured but the cook can't cook and photograph at once. 

The beginning of an old family recipe for cranberry salad.  ( not finished)

Recently found a new favorite sweet potato recipe  (Prepping)

Friends. I am thankful for friends. 

The faces of pure enjoyment 

Note to self: don't let the sides of the turkey touch the roaster. Everything else was fine though. 

I think it's time to make her a kitchen.

Another Trip to St. Augustine

This city has my heart; you can never run out of things to see or do in this place.  There is so much beauty and history everywhere you look. I feel like I am always posting pictures of our adventures here, but I promise you they're all very different. I am so excited to go to The Nights of Lights in St. Augustine, I have been anticipating seeing the lights since I found out they even existed back in April. St. Augustine is listed by National Geographic as one of the top 10 places to see holiday lights and I cannot wait to share the experience with those of you who can't make it out this year!

I named her Frita. 

Poor little Alligators 

It's what's inside that is truly captivating.

This here is my wonderful mother who visited us for a week. I miss her.

Holiday Gift Guide For Her

It's that time of year again! I don't know about you, but I am way behind in my present shopping. Good news is, there are 34 days left until Christmas is here! During the next few weeks ,while I am trying to get my own Christmas gifts together, I am going to help you as well. Keep an eye out because I am going to have a wide variety of ideas to ensure you get something special for all the special people in your life. Happy Holidays! 

Reflection Time

It's so easy to get caught up in everyday routines and it's easy when life is moving at a fast pace to lose sight of all the little things that matter most . I try often to remind myself to slow down and not take for granted what's in front of me, but none of us are perfect and a lot of the times we do accidently take things/life for granted.  It's the little things that mean so much that can so easily become just a routine and when life gets chaotic it's easy to just wisp them under the rug or push them aside because we can just do it/say it later; or maybe it's just so routine we forget to do it or we do it and don't even know we did, I'm not sure which is worse. It was a quick slap back into reality when I received a phone call from Alan saying he had been in a motorcycle accident; it took me back to one of the worst memories I have. It's so cliche to say that at any given moment your life can change forever; and as lightly as you may take it, that's the reality we face everyday. I know what it's like having the goodbye you just said be the last one you'll ever get to say to someone.

 As a child I listened to the heavy dreaded knocks on the front door only to watch my parents open it and be faced with every parents worst fear. I can still feel it like it's happening right now, all of the emotion from that night is still present within me and I don't believe it will ever go anywhere. I knew when I got the phone call Alan was obviously okay (alive and banged up), but it surfaced my ultimate fear; losing someone you love unexpectedly. It's probably a fear most of us have but don't really think about or haven't yet had to deal with. I realize that death is a constant variable in our universe and we don't have much control over it. I don't think that living in fear and avoiding risks is the answer (even though the less risks you take might improve your lifespan), but I also feel like we can't go around thinking we're invincible to the world that surrounds us. That's exactly why every time I say goodbye,  every time I say I love you to Alan (or any other loved one) I say it with a full and conscious heart. 

It's important to me that I take time to reflect on what's present in my life and make sure I tell the ones I care for how much they mean to me. If something we're to ever happen to me unexpectedly; I want my husband, my daughter (as well as any future child of mine),my family, and friends to know how much I truly do love each one of them and that I will miss them dearly. I hope that after reading this you will take a mental note and make sort of a self-promise to make time (even if it's not all the time) especially when life is moving fast to just slow down for a second and embrace everything you are grateful for in your life, most importantly the ones you love. 

Thanks for reading some of my thoughts and feelings. 

P.S I took the picture in St. Augustine my favorite place ever I always see this man there. 

Ipsy Review : Girl Meets Glitter

This Demeter perfume came in a cute roll on container it had a very light sweet scent, but for some reason when it comes to perfumes any sugary smells give me a headache. If you're into sweet fragrances I think you should try it out. I actually gave it to my mother who loved it. The sample size; which I received from Ipsy, is offered on the Demeter website for $10.00 for .29 oz.

This was one of my two favorite products in this month’s glam bag. The Glitterati formula obviously contains glitter,but I love that it is noticeable when you glide it along your lid; which makes this eyeliner really fun and flirtatious to wear on a Friday night out or any other time you want to add a little shimmer to your lids. The only thing I didn't like about this formula was that it’s not as waterproof as it claims to be, but as long as you're not planning on watching the Fault In Our Stars I think you’ll be okay. When I went to visit this website I actually saw some other products that I would love to try from them, so if you aren't happy with the eyeliner I suggest browsing through some of their other products.

This Lipstick/ Lip gloss is not really an option for me it just doesn't work well. For it to show pigment you have to apply a lot and it almost makes your lips too moisturized, that kind of slippery feeling you get when you put way too much chapstick on. The only thing I can see myself using this product for is dabbing it over another lipstick for a glossy finish. Sorry L.A colors but you’re my least favorite item from this bag.

I received this polish in Guys and Galaxies and it is so cute! It’s perfect for welcoming the colder weather. This is easily my favorite item that was in the Girl Meets Glitter glam bag. 

I recently have been experimenting with highlighters and I do like this one because it gives a nice subtle glow. I have been using it in the shade pink pearl which works perfectly with my skin tone. 

The bags aren't just limited to carrying Ipsy products; I always find other creative ways to use them. Sometimes I'll use them to carry feminine products during that time of the month, or to carry snacks, ’ve also used one to organize hair ties, and I even paired one with an outfit I wore to our anniversary dinner. The glittery glam bag by Forever 21 is beyond adorable and my favorite so far. Based on my own research, my November Girl Meets Glitter glam bag came to a total of $40.62 , you can subscribe to get a monthly glam bag here for only $10.00 a month.

Tis the Season : Mini Beauty Haul

I love shopping but I love it even more when there’s Christmas music playing, lights dangled, and the weather is cool. There’s something exciting about walking into stores and seeing all of the holiday products on display not to mention all of the great deals. Tis the season!

I have been wanting to try Tarte cosmetics ever since Ingrid Nilsen mentioned it on her youtube channel and I finally got around to it. I have only had it a few days but I can honestly say that Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation is by far my favorite mineral foundation ever. I usually opt strictly for Bareminerals mineral powder but I am so glad I stepped out and tried something new. I don’t know what is about this product but it just feels so light on the skin and gives great coverage that looks natural and lasts. You don’t necessarily have to buy the mini kabuki brush to go with it but it does work extremely well with the foundation and it’s just so cute how could you not? This is also my first time using YSL Touche Eclat; I have seen a lot of great reviews about this product and was also directed to it by one of the employees there so I decided to try it. The YSL pen is great as a highlighter and also helps cover fatigue; which let’s face it keeping up with an energetic 15 month old can be exhausting. One of my greatest accomplishments during this haul was being able to convince my mom to also try these products. While I was wandering aimlessly through the Sephora isles I also got a glimpse at their glittery holiday makeup brush set I haven't quite got my hands on it yet but I'm thinking I might soon!

When it comes to friends asking about Lush I always tell them to go for the Vanilla Dee Lite body lotion; it’s seriously my all time favorite it’s light aroma gives off fragrance all day and leaves you feeling so smooth. There’s a noticeable difference when I am just using a regular body lotion verses when I use VDL. I recently ran out of my shower scrub from the body shop so I decided that I wanted to try Rub Rub Rub by Lush and I actually like this one better. It smells great and just works better overall. Whatever you do don't make the mistake of shaving before you use this scrub it contains sea salt and lemon and it will burn if you do. Trust me I know. In fact maybe just save shaving for a totally different time.

When there is more than one make up store present you can't just go in one of them right? Right! They had this really great 5 for 5 deal at Ulta right before you walk out so I grabbed a few holiday themed rubber duckies for Lyla and some hand cream as well as some new nail files. I was pleasantly surprised with the hand cream usually they have an overpowering scent to them but I can see why they decided to call it pleasant plum. As for the filers I just really like their pattern. The Chi Aragon Plus Moringa oil was just a random filler or the 5 for 5; I have used it before and it adds a nice smooth touch to the hair so I figured I could use that every once in awhile when It’s looking a tad dull.

Oh, and since we’re talking about hair...I cut 9 inches off this past weekend. Yep, it happened and I may or may not be regretting it. Hair post coming soon!