Weekend Adventure: A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I really cannot get enough of Halloween, as a kid going to the local pumpkin patch was the greatest time ever and tradition. I remember we would go out into the field and pick out our own pumpkin and my mother would help cut it from its vine. Most of the "pumpkin patches" these days pick the pumpkins prior to opening and put them in some sort of pile for you to sort through; some will argue that this way is better, but I am totally opposed. We didn't get to pick from the vine this year in fact we purchased our pumpkins from Walmart; I'm sort of contradicting myself here but have you seen what they are trying to charge you for a medium size pumpkin these days? Well if not, I can tell you that the three we purchased from Walmart didn't even total what one pumpkin would've cost us. Although we bought our pumpkins from the store this year we still wanted to get the whole pumpkin patch (if you can even call it that) experience. 

Last year while going pumpkin patch hunting with a few friends we came upon this place in St. Augustine called Sykes and Coopers Farms ; so it only seemed right to go there this year. We chose to go during the evening this year and it worked out better, we were able to enjoy all of the festivities without sweating. 

He is such a hunk !

 She gets so excited when she sees animals

 I am glad to see she feels the same way about these things as I do. 

We accomplished maze one, went through maze to and somehow ended up back at the entrance of phase one. 

She instantly made a friend that just so happened to be a boy and even gave him a kiss.
 They had a blast running through the corn maze together!

If this face doesn't describe our entire weekend; then I am not sure what will.

        Having a blast on the giant spider web. 

Mosquitos really like Alan. 
Our failed attempt at a DSLR Selfie...

The live band was surprisingly very talented.  

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