Well guys, after anxiously awaiting; fall is finally here! Pumpkin displays in stores, Halloween decorations on the door and everyone taking selfies with their pumpkin spice drinks. Who doesn’t love fall? It was feeling like the perfect fall weather here for a few days and now it’s back to being ridiculously hot and humid; exactly how nobody wants this season to feel like. However, it does seem to get a bit chilly here around mid to late October; it’s easy to forget how cold it gets in North Florida after seven straight months of summer weather. Seeing as my daughter has loads of outfits for warm weather she has few for the cold so, I have been doing some shopping for her and figured I would share some of the adorable wears I found at H&M.  I love H&M; the fact that I can shop for myself and my daughter in one place makes shopping just that much more enjoyable.


I have totally been loving ankle boots and skirts this fall; mostly because I live in Florida. It's still considerably warm here, so a pretty skirt paired with some cute tights all tied together by cute accessories and the perfect boot is the perfect way to keep the fall vibe in warm weather. 

Pleated Skirt, Striped knit tights, cropped waffle knit sweater, Faux Leather boots,

What are some ways you guys like to keep the atmosphere feeling like fall when the weather still feels like summer?

STREET STYLE Glam Bag : An IPSY Review

Yay! My bag finally arrived! I usually receive my bag around the 16th of every month but this month I was so excited I checked everyday to see if it came early; it didn’t. The wait was agonizing but so worth it because this month’s Ipsy Glam Bag is my favorite so far. After doing my own price research (not including tax)  based on the size of the products I received in my Ipsy bag; this month’s Glam Bag came to a total of $41.74 . I only spend $10.00 a month to receive this bag and you can to Just join here.

Briogeo don't despair repair 1 fl oz. I haven’t tried this one yet but I have smelled it and it smells amazing. I am really looking forward to trying this after I get my hair done (Yep, finally doing it. ) I have read reviews and it seems like a great product to try.

Crown Brush I am so happy with this brush, it’s soft and does the job;plus who couldn’t use a new brush to the collection?

Full size NYX Hot single Eyeshadow I am actually a big fan of NYX eye shadows and am happy with the shade that I received it in which was “Innocent” .The pigment in these eyeshadows are great; you can use them as a stand alone shadow or blend with other colors to create a more edgy look.

Full Size Pacifica Natural Waterproof Eye Pencil Ipsy sent me this in the color Fringe which is a dark brown and I love it. This pencil glides along and leaves a wonderful color path. I also love that this is an all natural product (make sure you check the ingredients) I say this because my eyes have a history with being allergic to liners like these, but so far no problem;  the only thing that keeps me iffy about this liner is it has a tendency to smudge more; it’s not too bad though, I definitely will work with this product more to see if I will ever buy it or not.


Hikari Lipstick I am like way too excited about this lipstick. I just absolutely am in love with this product; this is my first time hearing of Hikari Cosmetics and with this first impression they have me so curious to try out their other products. My lipstick came in the shade Cabernet (perfect for Fall); on their site they describe it as a “rich red wine” which is exactly how I would describe it. The color goes on just as it appears, it’s smooth, it didn't leave my lips chapped, and its very long lasting. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a new lipstick this season.

If you want to get in on some really awesome beauty deals like I am you can just JOIN HERE !

Style Sunday: New Series!

Welcome to my first ever post of my very first blog series titled Style Sunday. Fall is only eight days away; but I have been obsessing over tights, sweaters, boots and everything in between since August.  Here are just a few things I want to get my hands on this season.

Our Labor Day Weekend in Photos

Meet Clarissa our eight legged friend

 "Taste like candy canes on Christmas."
 Those patties were delicious I couldn't help but eat two 
 She never sleeps in our bed so this was special.