SO In Love with this City!

I really can not get enough of this little city. [[More from my previous post]]

Gourmet Popsicles to end the day

It's random little family trips like these that I love and cherish. Even in the same place there is always something new to be seen. 

Our Weekend Wrap Up: Castillo de San Marcos

Lyla enjoying the view from Daddy's shoulders

Royal Coat of Arms of Spain (replica, the real one is inside)

It was so hot and humid but Lyla manages to stay beautiful.

View from the top of the fort



From the top of the fort 

Our trip the fort was completely random, we were just in St. Augustine hanging out, didn't really know what to do but then I brought up the idea of the fort and we headed over. I am glad that we decided to go because we ended up getting a National Parks pass (some military offer) completely free, so for those of you who are military go and get one; I think (don't quote me on this) you can get one at any National/State park or National Monument. I am completely stoked about that pass because now we have no excuse not to go explore what our country has to offer.

Have you ever been to St. Augustine? If so, what is your favorite thing to do there? Please share, I am so in love with that little city; I want to explore every corner of it!

Sneak Peek: Lyla's 1st Birthday

Lyla's First Birthday Cake!

Homemade Cupcakes! Yep all 84 of them! 

My bestfriend and daughter

There will be more to come! 

Recent Eats

Nothin' quite like fresh veggies. 

Red Ants on the Log. {Seriously cranberries taste WAY better than raisins}

Cilantro and Lime Chicken. Keep an eye out, I will be posting the recipe soon. 

Blueberries, carrots, cheerios, and peas. 

Yum.Yum. Have you tried my awesome cookie recipe for the Best Cream Cheese Cookies EVER?

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