Best Cream Cheese Cookies EVER!

I have been addicted to my aunt’s cookie recipe! Hovering over them at family get togethers was definitely my guilty pleasure. She always made special little delights and I enjoyed every single one. She definitely has a knack for throwing parties and such. She was ever so kind to share this recipe with me when I moved to Florida and now I would like to share it with you. So lets get started,

What you’ll need: 

3 ½ Cups of flour
1 tsp of Baking POWDER  (emphasis on the powder part always) 
1 Cup of softened butter (equivalent to two sticks)
8oz package of softened cream cheese
2 cups of sugar
1 egg
1 tsp of vanilla
1 tsp of almond extract 

Mix the flour and baking POWDER in a bowl and set aside. In a large bowl, softened butter, softened cream cheese and sugar and beat until fluffy. Add egg, vanilla, and almond extract,then beat well. While beating, gradually add flour mixture . Divide dough into three balls. 

*She says to refrigerate over night, but I only refrigerate for a few hours. 

Make balls and flatten, place on an UNGREASED cookie sheet. Bake cookies for 10 minutes at 350 degrees F . and let cool. 

For the icing melt white chocolate. Place the melted chocolate into a ziplock baggy and cut the tip off (Very Little)  and drizzle over cookies and let harden.  


Going Back to Cali' !

So, today is the two week mark on my countdown, that is right 14 more days until my little fam bam and I get on a plane and fly to California. I am getting more and more homesick the closer we get. California will always be home it holds some of my fondest memories and who am I kidding it is all around the best place ever! It has the beach, the cliffs, the mountains, the plains, the desert, and In N Out. Man am I aching for some animal fries, you know what else I miss...Jack in the Box, I was so devastated when I found out there was no Jack in the Crack where I am now. Besides satisfying my fatty cravings I am so excited to see my family. I wish we didn’t have three different places to visit (it’s so time consuming) but I am sure all the hassle and crankiness is going to be worth it, it always is.Upon visiting we are going to be celebrating our Baby Lyla’s first birthday in the park where I once played. Yea it’s kinda a big deal . I don’t want to give anything away quite yet,but just think ,PINK, and you’ll be close enough. I am SO not looking forward to this eight plus hour trip on on the plane and at airports, that’s never fun. I am hoping and praying that Lyla does well on the flight, nothing is more annoying than having to sit next to a misbehaved child while sitting in the most comfortable seat ever (can you smell my sarcasm?). Who knows maybe karma will hit me for all those times I flashed a look at another rowdy child’s parent. 

Anyway, I am creating a playlist for this miserable yet exciting flight back to the West Coast.Here are some of my personal favorites songs that remind me of home (just to get good vibes flowing.)

1. California Love by 2pac
2.Californication by The Red Hot Chili Peppers 
3. California Dreamin’ by The Mama’s and Papa’s 
4. California Gurls by Katy Perry 
5. Going to California by Led Zeppelin 
6. Hotel California by The Eagles 
7. California by Wave
8. Back home by Yellowcard 
9. Dani California by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
10. Beverly Hills by Weezer
11. Save Me San Francisco by Train  
12. Queen of California by John Mayer

Beach Babe!

Baby Lyla's First Seashell
 Celery and Seashells? Okay then sweet baby. Enjoy!
 First (enjoyed) time in the water. Splish Splash.